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Season 1 - The Entrepreneur

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Modern slavery


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▫️ 100% of all profits from the initial sale are going to Freedom United to fight modern slavery.

▫️ 5% royalties from secondary sales to support the release of our next collection and the growth of the community.

Great minds don’t think alike. The brilliant brains that move our society are similar only in the level of impact they bring to our lives and their firm belief that they could achieve anything if they set their mind to it. The entrepreneurial brain is like no other. It works tirelessly to solve pressing problems and turn ambitious ideas and knowledge into life-altering solutions. It’s the sharp moves, bold risks, and ambitious plans that make a difference. The brave decisions that have a cascading effect on our economy and livelihoods - from creating new jobs and opportunities, to pushing the boundaries of innovation and bringing lasting social impact. Season 1 of Open Mind celebrates the creators of our economy, the entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives to achieving what others consider impossible. The innovators, the rule-breakers, the fighters for freedom and decentralization. The “open minds” who believe that everything could be faster, cheaper, and more efficient. The individuals who are always hungry for success and achievement, but are also comfortable with and prepared for failure. The game changers that never accept “this can’t be done”. The visionary geniuses who see beyond product roadmaps and code limitations.

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

George Bernard Shaw

Thanks to all the “unreasonable” people whose business ideas create progress and innovation, and pave the way to the world of tomorrow. This collection is for you!

Whether you’re The Visionary, The Innovator, The Hustler, The Luminary, The Manager, The Influencer, or The Pragmatist, your exceptional personality and set of skills are the wheels that move this world forward. Owning one of these 77 iconic pieces of art is your commitment to being true to yourself and continuing your journey to achieving what you were born for.

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Freedom United is the world’s largest community dedicated to fighting human trafficking and slavery.


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NFT Open Mind - The Pragmatic

NFT artworks: 11

It takes me seconds to analyse a business idea and foresee its potential. That’s why I sometimes find it difficult to be polite – why should we spend even a moment on something that will never see the light of the day? Anyone can build what people say they want. Progress happens when you create stuff that’s never been done before...

NFT Open Mind - The Pragmatic

NFT artworks: 11

My motivation comes from within, and I’m insanely dedicated to my ventures. My brain is constantly buzzing with ideas, and I can’t contain myself when I believe in the potential of something or someone. The time is always “right” for something. I don’t wait for the right opportunities, I create them...

NFT Open Mind - The Pragmatic

NFT artworks: 11

I almost choke every time I hear someone saying, “that’s how it’s always been done”. Everything, and I mean absolutely everything, can be improved and done faster, cheaper, or more efficiently. My superpower is my ability to switch from vision to execution, from intellectual work to practical ideas ...

NFT Open Mind - The Pragmatic

NFT artworks: 11

For me, business needs to be fun and adventurous, it has to inspire those around me and delight my customers. Nothing excites me like taking my team on the most challenging of business journeys and achieving things that inspire the world and make history. My mantra is "Screw it, let's do it”. Brilliance needs confidence to shine...

NFT Open Mind - The Pragmatic

NFT artworks: 11

I consider myself a “people” person. As an entrepreneur and leader, my job is to make sure that I’ve got all the puzzle pieces in place and all parts of my machine work seamlessly. This gives me the freedom to think, plan and strategize, and most importantly it gives me leverage to achieve things I’ve never thought were possible...

NFT Open Mind - The Pragmatic

NFT artworks: 11

If you have a strong personal brand, any business you start will have a better chance of success. Over the years, I’ve invested as much in my companies as in my reputation. I’ve made a name for myself in the industry and people listen to what I have to say. I see building my online presence as an investment in my future and my business...

NFT Open Mind - The Pragmatic

NFT artworks: 11

The key traits of successful entrepreneurs are focus, determination, and patience. Most business people I know are way too reactive and emotional. Emotions cloud your judgment and lead to mistakes and losses. Logic will never fail you. It’s shocking how few people have the ability to set up a plan for every scenario and stick to it...

Freedom United is the world’s largest community dedicated to fighting human trafficking and modern slavery.

Through Freedom United’s digital platforms, individuals around the world come together to create a powerful movement for change. Its power has been deployed to help root out forced child marriage by raising the legal age of marriage to 18; encouraged action against the exploitation of Uyghur peoples; and press for divestment from the private prison industry over forced labor amongst over 100 successes to date.

We selected them as our charitable partner because of their unique ability to harness the power of the community to create real impact and make progress towards a world that no longer is endemic with modern slavery. Nobody’s success is worth someone else’s pain. They’re also a brilliant example of “the new power” and web3 - a peer-driven, decentralised world, where every single voice matters.

100% of all profits from the primary sale will go to help them continue the fight against modern slavery. Join their movement to learn more.

Freedom United is a 501(c)(3) EIN: 47-1249214