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Open Mind

7,777 NFT art pieces created in partnership with influential organisations to support philanthropic causes around the world.

Season 1 - The Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur is Season 1 of the Open Mind Collection. In partnership with Freedom United, the world’s largest community dedicated to fighting modern slavery.

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We’ve been building brands and digital products for over 15 years. We believe that the impact design brings to our lives can compare only to the most ground-breaking discoveries of the last couple of centuries. Yet, nothing has come even close to what web3 is about to do to the way the world operates.

Pony.art is Pony.studio’s most precious creation. It’s the home to our unique digital collections and art pieces, inspired by the smart teams we work with and commissioned by our passion for jaw-dropping design masterpieces. It’s where we put our heart and soul as artists and unleash our creativity to create artwork that connects us to our growing community of designers, artists, and entrepreneurs. Each collection has its own story and supports a cause we truly believe in. Join us on our journey to design the future of web3.

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the story

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